ETUDE (2006)

ETUDE -Ljubljana  - Stage 1 Electronic Theatre in Virtual Dramatic Environments (2005 – 2006)

Direction: Pavel Smetana a Dragan Živadinov

The aim of the project was the creation of multimedia performance with the use of Mixed Reality, i.e. interconnecting the real actors and objects on the scene (stage?) with virtual actors and objects in real time. During the series of workshops (in Prague, Ljubljana and Cologne) collaborative performances were realized which develop the principles of interchange between “live” interaction and virtual 3D environments. The main purpose of the project is(was) the development of the concept of electronic theatre, stressing the dramatic aspects of virtual environments and integration of the computer generated characters. The performance follows the European project e-AGORA and applies research from the areas of story-telling in virtual reality, three-dimensional stereoscopic visualization and moving capture systems in cultural and artistic contexts. More at




ETUDE -Ljubljana  - Stage 1
ETUDE -Ljubljana - 1st Presentation
ETUDE -Ljubljana - 2nd stage
ETUDE -Ljubljana - premiéra - Scéna 1 - global
Rehearsal ETUDE -Ljubljana - premiéra - 2nd stg.
Dragan Zivadinov
3 dancers + Motion Capturing (Koln)
Me and  Dragan (Koln)

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